My Current Hosting Company


This post will change whenever I change my hosting company. It’ll be a way to recommend to others what I think is good and to remind myself who I’ve used.

Current: Just Host. Good price. But careful with any tech support. They might nickel and dime you. Otherwise you can read more here.

Past hosts after the jump.

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Immigration E-Book: A Stranger Considering Strangers

It’s pithy, it’s mostly blog posts converted into book format, the design is thrown together, and the author (me) stinks. Either way, I decided to compile all of my Illegal Immigration and American Christianity’s Respons series into an e-book that you can download and print out or read on anything that allows you to read pdfs. I’ve also uploaded it to Scribd so that you can view it in your browser with a mini window (below).

A Stranger Considering Strangers (pdf)

A Stranger Considering Strangers

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