ESPN Rise’s Video Game Issue with Alvin Lee

During the holiday season over at my shop in ESPN Rise we decided to do something a little bit different with our National Video Game Issue: get an illustrator. Usually we use awesome photography by the industry’s best, but this time we wanted to tap the talent of Street Fighter video game acclaim Alvin Lee (and the color genius of Fabian Schlaga to go buck wild with their illustrative awesomeness.

As our article over at the ESPN Rise website says: the idea was simple. We took four of the best players and video-gameized them in a battle against the Robots. Or the Aliens. Whatever. The point was to make these guys look freaking awesomer. You can check out Alvin Lee’s Facebook or Comic Alliance for some biggie sized images you can read the ESPN Rise articles about these great players (Nick Vena, Jadeveon Clowney, Daniel Norris, Michael Gilchrist)   . Images after the jump.