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Apple WWDC 2009

No, I’m not there but I’m following the live feed on The Apple Blog and Gizmodo:

  • 15″ Macbook Pro, 7 hour battery life with an SD card slot ($1699).
  • 13″ MacBook now MacBookPro, with unibody, SD Card, 8GB of memory, up to 500GB or 256GB SSD drive with backlet keyboard and FW800. $1199
  • Uber model 17″ with 500GB HD, at $2499. Yup, still can’t buy a Macbook Pro.
  • New Safari does purdee things that are meh. Plugin crash that stops the plugin, not the browser.
  • Quicktime X rebuilt from the ground up. Big woop.
  • Snow Leopard (Leopard users: $29 single/$49 Family) running all major OSX apps in 64 bit coming out December (Windows 7 should be out October, in case you’re wondering).
  • Ms Exchange Support built into Mail, iCal and Address book. This was a Duh, no brainer. Should’ve had that long ago.
  • iPhone OS 3.0: 100 new features. cut/copy/paste across aps. Shake phone for undo. Landscape keyboard. MMS available but AT&T MMS later this summer (HA!) HTTP Streaming AV. Javascript performance boost. HTML 5. Form auto-fill.
  • iTunes rentals available for iPhone.
  • iPhone Tethering now available over USB or Bluetooth. AT&T doesn’t support it at launch (HA!)
  • Find My iPhone (new feature): your iPhone floats from the ether, or at least tells MobileMe ($99 per year) where it is. Your family and friends can also track you down with it. (SkyNet coming soon)
  • A bunch of boring iPhone Ap stuff. Some random announcment of 16gb 3GS iPhone ($199) and 32GB iphone 3GS ($299) and the base 3G model remaining at $99.
  • No Camera on the front of the iPhone. bah.

All in all, no big woop. Maybe some ups for OS3.0 but, with a jailbroken iTouch I’m not overly hyped.

The Resurrection And Me

Every Easter, the History Channel (or the Discovery Channel, PBS, NBC, et. al….) runs a program looking over hot Christian topics: the historicity of the books of the Bible; the myths of Jesus having a family after the crucifixion; stories about where Jesus’ body might be found. The same thing happens around Christmas. Sure it’s all for ratings but what they’re attacking makes sense to me.

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Links N’ Junk: Conspiracy Theories

I was just watching a movie that forced me to research creepy stuff which was irksome enough to allow me to create a Links N’ Junk totally obsessed focused on conspiracies. The creepy thing isn’t so much that I’m linking to this stuff; rather the fact that some of this is actually official documents on government websites and news articles that didn’t make a blip on the public radar.

Don’t lambaste me for this; I just managed to squeeze a post out of that movie.

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Ancient Tablet Proves Jesus Wrong?

I figured I should write something about the recent discovery of the Gabriel Tablet as they’re calling it. New York Times asserts that this tablet might actually prove that Christianity isn’t unique with its resurrections claims. What I found interesting about that bit is that most informed Christians don’t make a point of arguing about the uniqueness of the death and resurrection but rather the historicity of the death and resurrection. Let me flesh that out a bit.

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A Chance For Rey To Win

Do me a favor, go to this link and add yourself to the competition. In so doing, I get an extra submission my way and you get a chance to win as well. Of course, this will do nothing for you if you’re not particularly into theological books but that’s okay. You can send me a book as a “thank you” for kicking you to the competition.

It’s Another Tim Challies Crazy Monergism.Com Book Give-Away.

May Giveaway

Based on a True Story

A good introduction is like a good pair of shoes: when it fits it’ll go a long way. On the big screen, right after the title credits you see that line and automatically you start expecting historical fiction. Oh you’ll easily acknowledge what parts are fact (like the Revolution, or the signing of documents) and which parts are fiction (the messy love triangle maybe) but in the end you come out thinking you’ve actually seen a bit of history, Hollywood style. Well, maybe we’re not all that nave-but do we ever go back and research the facts from the false?

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Thomas’ Lonely Week: Eighth Day

Sunday. The Eighth Day.

The door opens and Thomas enters in, the small hot room is filled with men. The meal is being set out on the table. John is wearing a towel, finishing washing Matthew’s feet. Matthew is weeping but there’s no sadness in the tears.

"Look who’s here!" Andrew shouting. Thomas waves as Andrew locks the door behind him.

"Tom" Peter bellows while Thomas says "Hey Pete"

"Tommy!" Phil shouts.

"Hey, you’re here!" John, rising from the floor coming over with bucket in hand. Thomas and Andrew walk towards the group.

"Guys, I’m only here for a little bit but I gotta’ tell you–"

"Shalom. Shalom be with you." The voice comes to the right shoulder of Thomas. The door is still closed, the lockbar still in place.

Silence. The disciples are transfixed over Thomas’ shoulder and he doesn’t breathe as He closes his eyes and slowly turns around.

"Tom. Come over here with your finger and see My hands. Why don’t you also put your hand here, in My side. Stop doubting but believe."

Thomas doesn’t move; he barely looks at the very real evidence of the risen Jesus. He stares at his eyes and his long, lonely week slam into him bringing him to his knees, knocking him down to understand and confess.

"You are the Lord Messiah–but more, you are my Lord Master. You are my Lord God. My Lord and My God."