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Presidential Image: Designed For Voters

It’s that time of the season when the cherry blossoms are in bloom; the cardinals are frolicking with the robins; when the morning dew mingles with the morning showers; and where presidential hopefuls start putting their foot forward. Ah, can you smell feel it?

That’s right, we’re past the mid-term mark and political muscles are flexing while Presidential hopefuls aim at glomming onto any issue.

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Goodbye 2010: Decade in Review and Junk

In our lifetime we’ll only get a few moments to wax poetic and review things from our narcissist pinnacle, and with MCF now being gone from the blogging world, I am left picking up the slacker’s slack. In this post, I want to flashback over the last ten years and declare, as only a person who is overly self-assure can, what is the best-of-the-best-of-the-decade. Of course, this also being the end of 2010, I’ll have to also touch on the Best-of-the-Best of 2010. And maybe, I might just throw in the best of my blog posts, to put a cherry on top of my ego.

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The Constitution: Let There Be…A Nation

We the People of the United States…do ordain

I noted that the preamble really wasn’t the setting down of laws, rights or anything but I purposefully didn’t mention the monumental importance of the language that was used.

The States of the Americas were already labeled “united” in the Articles of Confederations—but nowhere near the way that the Constitution was using the term.

Each state functioned, essentially, as its own country. They could make their own currency. They could enforce their own state constitutions. Honestly, they could even go to war against one another (if attacked by invasion). When they became the united States, they were the individual states which, together, signed the articles to form a confederation—not a new government. In other words, they weren’t forming a new government; they were merely in union with certain purposes.

For example: if a law had to be passed, all the states had to agree to it and then they may or may not implement it in their own states. A strange predicament that. But this makes sense if it was merely a sort of non-aggression contract. This is why the Articles of Confederation even allowed Canada to be part of the united (small “U”) States if they so wished. Canada wouldn’t be giving up her sovereignty; she’d only be in union with the other States.

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Cheap Wireless For Mac

I recently moved a Mac Tower running 10.4 to another room to make room for an upgrade machine with a monster sized screen. Unfortunately I smacked right into a problem: my Ethernet cables aren’t located anywhere in that room. I wound up having to look at Wireless Adapters but I had a case of Apple Fear—when you know that you’re going to have to shell out some serious dollars to make a Mac functional with non-Apple equipment.

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Lost: The Dénouement (with Spoilers)

Television and movies have a tough time going about the long-foregone literary device of the dénouement. If you recall, the dénouement is that point of the story where the dust settles for the characters and readers—not necessarily where plot lines are tied. It is that point after the crisis (which television and movies have trained us to be The Ending) but before the ending which makes the impending ending appropriate.

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Top 9 Stand-Up-And-Applaud Movie Scenes

There are times in a movie theater, or on a dvd, that I’ll actually applaud; be it with the characters on screen, with the people next to me, or just for my own one man audience. Scenes that are so good that not only are they eternally etched in my mind—I will (well, except for one) still stick around just to see that scene whenever it’s on. Here are my Top 10 bloody awesome and crazy memorable actiony movie scenes in no particular order.

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Racism, Bloggers and Being Black

On Facebook, I’ve seen some Pennsylvania friends calling for the (I think wrongful) boycott of a local businessman on account of his perceived racism with a link to a blog post on Obama’s inauguration as proof. I followed the link and didn’t think it was racist (though one phrase could have been de-contextualized as such) but I’ll get to that after my disclaimer (in case I get a bunch of people calling me racist). I’m a dark-skinned US Born Dominican. If I’m allowed to comment on race now, I’ll proceed.

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My Take On the Health Reform Bill

I spent a week reading through the massive (1017 pages-pdf warning) Health Reform Bill, HR3200, and I’ve noted areas of personal interest. This post will not be exhaustive (sorry; that would be impossible), but it will list (1) things that I thought the Bill did a good job with, (2) areas of personal concern and (3) areas that I don’t know what to make of. Before closing the post, I’d also like to (4) address areas where people have been flipping out followed by (5) some personal general concerns and hopes looking forward.

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