Satin, Semi-Gloss: Which Paint Finish Do I Choose?

You planned your room design with care. You spent countless hours poring over color swatches and room dťcor magazines. With organized folder, selected swatches and cash in hand you step to the paint counter at your local shop and present your genius before the store clerk, fully expecting his showers of praise. Instead, with a vacant stare he asks a question that makes your quivering mouth look like a gasping fish out of water: ďwhat kind of finish would you like?Ē Continue reading Satin, Semi-Gloss: Which Paint Finish Do I Choose?

American Idol and Train Wrecks

This post has nothing to do with train wrecks. Train wrecks are horrible things. When over fifty tons of steel and glass are hurled down feeble tracks at speeds as high as one hundred and sixty miles per hour towards a wall or a similar oncoming vehicle, everyone should be scared. Or horrified. A similar reaction should also be reserved for the folk on American Idol. Continue reading American Idol and Train Wrecks

TTFN New York

I cherish the mosaic of people who became part of my life: my family (who I hardly see but constantly think about), my college buddies (whose one year get-togethers feel like weíre still in school), my work friends (who I lunched and hung out with every day for seven years). All of them came together in this town, New York, where I was born and bred. But as New York natives gather around with pointed questions about my exodus, Iíve began to memorize my answers so as to save them some trouble. Continue reading TTFN New York

House Party

Here are some pictures of the new place in the mid-demolition stage. The project is multifaceted. Firstly we needed to tear up the old flooring and put in some hardwood and carpets. Secondly, we need to install some outlets in the basement. Thirdly, we need to paint the place so it looks a bit more modern. Lastly we need to make the new curtains to tie the whole piece up.

The Front of the House: Gorgeous, right?

The House

The Dreaded Blue Room: Blue, white, and white moldings painted flat black. Ugh.

The Blue Room

Discarded piles of Carpet

The Carpet

Covering nice steps with bad carpet might be a sin.

The Stairs

Living Room shot post ripped carpet

The Living Room

Pic of the Living Room and Hallway


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