Bristol Bible Chapel Redesign



I recently volunteered to re-do the website for my chapel. I wanted to work it up with an original wordpress theme, but without access to the MySQL, I was forced to rely on their current methodology: editing web pages with new info while adding audio.

I decided that php would be the best way to go, since it would allow me to use includes. This way, I can keep the structure of the site and the website operators in the chapel don’t have to worry about messing anything up. Of course, all design elements were put into their own css style sheets. Before and After post-jump.

The chapel was obviously stuck in 1995, right down to the aqua background with the yellow text. I wanted to stop the information explosion on the pages, segment off things into a navigation, and get the idea across that the church is simple. Of course, I didn’t want to imply simplicity by making it backwards. Their strength, as they see it, is that they are indeed simple and that strength is progressive in a time and place where people keep adding programs.