Christian Carnival 360: End of the Decade Edition

Welcome to the 360th Christian Carnival: The End of the Decade Edition. The posts have been randomly placed within categories, so don’t mind that, and I’ve included some extras from other bloggers. Enjoy and feel free to disagree with the Best Of lists! Make sure to look at the Carnival Archive for past carnivals: we’ve been doing this since 2004!

Best Music of 2010: Either Jimmy Hendrix’s Valley of Neptune or Johnny Cash’s haunting Ain’t No Grave (youtube)
Best Music of the Decade: We might not like it but Eminem and Britney Spears are probably at the top. But I’d say the White Stripes even if they came out of the 90s and at least one song from Outkast.

Best World News of 2010: Either the Haiti Earthquake or the Rescue of the Chilean Miners
Best Word News of the Decade: A Tsunami? A Hurricane? Deaths (A Victim, A Pope, A Terrorist, A Dictator, An Idol)? 9/11? Global Wars? Tough to call. Maybe we should just pick Y2K.

Best TV Show of 2010: You would think AMC’s The Walking Dead, but PBS’s Sherlock wins hands down.
Best TV Show of the Decade: Please don’t say American Idol. Just say Lost.

Best Movie of 2010: Loads of folk say Inception but I’d say either Toy Story 3 or Tangled
Best Movie of the Decade: Lord of the Rings (All Three as One).

Best Popular Christian Book of 2010: Either Craig’s On Guard or Copan’s Is God A Moral Monster
Best Popular Christian Book of the Decade: Ugh it’s probably gonna’ be something like Blue Like Jazz. If I could get away with it, I’d say the Harry Potter series. Does the Ressurrection of the Son of God by Wright count as a popular level book?

Best Political News of 2010: Scott Brown (R) wins long time Democrat seat.
Best Political News of the Decade: US elects their first Black President.

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