Free 2012 Wall Calendar

It’s that time of year: the cold air bites lovingly, shoppers go nuts with their treasure, Holiday music graces the air waves and the office administrator is wondering if you would like a new calendar.

Personally, I’ve found that the standard office calendars (be it desk or wall) are pretty annoying. The best ones take time to set up on the dry erase board and then they are subject to information loss.

That’s why I created my own calendar.  More after the jump.

It splits the year in half, throws weekends to the side, and lets the work week be a viewable block with continuous days. Some people might not like the idea of having a calendar that flows from one month to the next (finding comfort in the satisfying rip that occurs as they remove a month from the docket) but I like being able to see what needs to be done in one shot.

That being the case, I’ve attached it for you here in 300dpi, 1000dpi and a pdf. You can get it printed at your UPS Store or FedEx (starting at $22) or even Wal-Mart (starting at $6). Just make sure to disable the automatic resizing options when you upload to any service. I have the thing set up to fit a 20×30 piece of paper and it’s just grayscale on white.

Enjoy. Preview followed by

2012 Calendar