What’s Your Eschatology?

  You scored as Premillenialist, Premillenialism believes that there will be a rapture and tribulation before Jesus returns and overthrows the antichrist and establishes his Kingdom. Current events are spoken of in scripture.

Moltmannian Eschatology
Left Behind

What’s your eschatology?
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It was tough answering these questions because of the way they were phrased. (HT: Jeremy)

10 thoughts on “What’s Your Eschatology?”

  1. Hmmmm…. I think my mostly Dispensational church might be a little surprised at this one. :)

    Amillenialist – 85%
    Moltmannian Eschatology – 80%
    Preterist – 60%
    Premillenialist – 45%
    Postmillenialist – 35%
    Left Behind – 30%
    Dispensationalist – 20%

  2. I got Postmillenialist, though I have to say most if not all of that quiz confused me and I may have read some things wrong. For example, when did Michael Scofield get a new tattoo of the bible? Has he given up escape plans and switched to prayer at this point? ;)

    Postmillenialist 90%

    Amillenialist 55%

    Preterist 50%

    Moltmannian Eschatology 50%

    Left Behind 45%

    Dispensationalist 40%

    Premillenialist 40%

  3. MCF: After a quick read of my results I thought it said Mothman Eschatology which I thought was a horrible penchant for fearing the future collapse of bridges but then I slowed down my eyes.

    Brian: I think they’d be happy that you got 45% dispensational. lol! Unfortunately I think most of the questions were phrased really badly so that multiple answers could apply and some I just couldn’t agree with any which way I looked at it. For example, CLassic Premil’s really don’t have a rapture in their eschatology: that’s a dispensational addition. And yet, the results highlight dispensational premils. Odd.

  4. MCF, you’re probably really an Amillenialist, given that you were raised Catholic. I’m assuming that you accept the Church’s teachings on the end times, and our church teaches an Amillenialist eschatology. I took this test, too … I’ll post my results tomorrow.

  5. Wanna know what all churches and Christian theology before 1830 held to in regard to the rapture, Antichrist etc.? Just Google “Famous Rapture Watchers.” Louise

  6. Louise, thanks for that pointer but I didn’t see any passages about the rapture in those quotes.

    Darrell, where’s the results dude?!!?

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