Prayer Mondays: Kierkegaard (3)

Barring my faulty memory (and if I’m not lazy) I want to post prayers on Monday from all over Church History and then throughout the modern day, and then my own. This one comes from Kierkegaard.

Father in Heaven,

Well we know that it is Thou

That giveth both to will and to do,

That also longing,

When it leas us to renew the fellowship

With our Savior and Redeemer,

Is from Thee.

Father in Heaven, longing is they gift.


But when longing lays hold of us,

Oh, that we might lay hold of the longing!

When it would carry us away,

That we also might give ourselves up!

When Thou art near to summon us,

That we also in prayer

Might stay near Thee!

When Thou in the longing

Dost offer us the highest good,

Oh, that we might hold it fast!

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