Questions To Ask Before (Re)Designing

I hate thinking about a redesign.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind redesigning things. There’s no problem going into a client’s situation and pointing out where they’re falling short or what needs to be addressed to underscore their brand. Similarly, I don’t have a problem getting a design from a buddy asking for advice and pointing out where they need to go back and rethink things. But that becomes a real struggle when the client is myself.

I figured I’d let the one or two readers into my process of design and redesign with this post: The Questions.

I mean, how would I describe myself? What does my “brand” consist of? I’m a designer, art director, illustrator, fly-by-night writer and photographer. I’ve orchestrated photoshoots, have worried about costumes, lighting, and have even made a point of mocking up packages for presentation. I’ve often used the term “multifaceted designer” to describe myself (pretentious, I know) but it’s a mouthful and clunky. I won’t drop the name since I think it’s accurate, but I can’t really use it on the fore—which my most recent design reflects—so how can I encapsulate the idea into my name? Should I? Would it be confusing?

This is usually my first step when dealing with clients but there I have the benefit of seeing what their business purpose is.  Me, I’m not so much promoting a business purpose but rather an individual (myself) who one can trust to do solid work. It’s a catchall for freelance, work, preaching—an electronic business card slash resume slash portfolio that goes on before me making assurances of what one can expect from me.

But that being the case, everything has to properly represent me.

The first is a sample of several years ago. The next is a sample of the current version of the site.


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