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The Resurrection And Me

Every Easter, the History Channel (or the Discovery Channel, PBS, NBC, et. al….) runs a program looking over hot Christian topics: the historicity of the books of the Bible; the myths of Jesus having a family after the crucifixion; stories about where Jesus’ body might be found. The same thing happens around Christmas. Sure it’s all for ratings but what they’re attacking makes sense to me.

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Sail On, Battlestar

Society has a different inner voice; one that sounds more like Nickelodean or Michael Bay and less like Heroditus or Adam Smith. That, in the end, is likely why Battlestar Galactica was canceled and aired its final episode this past Friday with such an ending that it would ensureóamidst the regret of seeing such a show go by those who got itóno DVD’s, no movies and no sequels. (Any subsequent stories should rightly occur before the events that transpired in this episode and not after.)

The reason is not that complex but it will take Battlestar Galactica spoilers which will occur after the jump.

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Scrubs Season Opener

I’m writing this from my iPod so forgive the grammar. Disney once again proves why they’re in the lead. Why oh why NBC did you see it fit to drop one of your smartest and funniest shows?

Frankly, the opener was genious going back to the classic power of yesterseasons combining the sobering topic of death and suffering with a poignant sense of humor.

In a word, the openers were perfect.

One final note: new cast additions. Excellent! The reference to Facts Of Life, Courtney Cox, the way too cool indian kid–all excellent.